1. Minutes from the last Presidium Meeting & general meeting

All decisions have been implemented or are in the process of implementation. The topics which have not been finished yet, will be discussed on the next meeting.

2. Finance

MKI informed everyone about the cancellation of all bank credentials connected to K. Bosnar and for approval of accreditation of Denis Lilih as additional certified person for the bank.

Most of the Invoices have been paid, we have no outstanding amounts.

The presidium discussed about two letters from Poland:

  • – Late announcement Fee for Mini Girls formation
  • – Request for financial support for the organizers.

(154) The Presidium approved the request to cancel the late announcement fee Invoice for the formation Mini Girls following the challenges with the approval of the music.

(155) The presidium did not approve the request from Poland regarding the financial support for competition organization:

  • The new Fee Scale was presented in detail with a special document before the GM. There was no discussion about it on the GM and it has been accepted without any request for changes. The extra staring for the WRRC is planned for the support for dancers.

(156) Most of the Organizers forgot that we always have the 1st year of new category without Tournament Fee and then a regular Tournament fee applies – the argument for small girl formation is not calculated correctly.

  • The presidium has informed the organizers about the problem of so many events with the same categories in such a short time span but none of them was willing to skip at least one of the categories – > for 2025 the Presidium will prepare an operating policy to ensure a better distribution of the categories during the season!

3. Competitions

Unfortunately, there will be no event in Armenia in 2024. The WRRC is interested to find a new potential organizer for the same date, for the same categories and with a possibility for one or two extra categories.

Consequently, the WCh RR Juniors is moved to Cracow. Also, the number of WC RR Juniors is too low for WC final, so we need to accept all couples on WC ranking!

The Presidium also discussed about the announcements on the competitions and deadlines, feedback from the Scrutineers and Supervisors and about the general problem of number of participating couples and formations on each event:

  • We must find a good balance of number of the events for each category.
  • We must motivate girls who dance in formations to continue dancing also in couples (a huge decrease of RR Juvenile couples!).

The Presidium would like to point out again the importance of a separated warm up area for formations categories and acrobatics categories (MC FS and MC CS). The organizers should plan the timetable in a way that the MC categories start after the hope round of formations and not between. They should also consider the finals – to have one formation category as last one on the competition, to ensure the visitors stay in the hall.

On several competitions Supervisor and other officials and organizers have encountered coaches who did not follow the instructions given by the officials or who were abusive to the competitors. The Presidium cannot tolerate such behaviour, so the appropriate measures must be taken.

Jiri Hais functioned as the Supervisor in Zabrze (with the assistance from Denis Lilih) because the presidium could not find a substitute for the originally nominated Supervisor. It was an exceptional case that the same person acted in two roles. We are still waiting for his feedback, but the WRRC would be glad to appoint him also to other events in the future.

(157) Competition in Armenia is cancelled, we invite potential substitute organizers to send us an application as soon as possible (WC RR MC FS, WC RR MC CS and WC RR Juniors)

(158) The World Championship RR Juniors 2024 will take place in Cracow, Poland.

(159) The Presidium approved the application from Hungary for a two-day event in June 2025. The competition with all categories will be published on the WRRC calendar.

(160) The Presidium will prepare a document for the Supervisors, Scrutineers, and Organizers with instruction for the displays on Beamer.

(161) The Presidium appointed PdT and Mki to prepare a proposal for changes of the document “Duties of the officials”, including the appointment of different kind of officials.

(162) The Presidium invites all member federations to send the applications for competition organization in 2025 as soon as possible.

World Games 2029 have been granted to Karlsruhe Germany. The WRRC must try to re-enter to the competition program. We should start with informal discussion with the representatives from Germany and based on that the WRRC will introduce an official task force. We need to follow the correct procedure and order of contacts to ensure the best outcome.

(163) The Presidium appointed PdT as a leader of WG2029 project and for initial discussion with the German federation regarding the WG2029.

(164) The presidium appointed DL and PdT for a general discussion with RR MC CS and RR MC FS couples in Cork Ireland for a test event where the couples would dance the final round in reverse order – first acrobatic and the footwork.

4. Commissions

The Music commission:

  • We must appoint additional members to the commission – persons who are familiar with music, the WRRC rules and have time to react quickly when needed.
  • The organizers send their competition music for approval very late – they must send it at least one month before the event. They must mark the songs which are from WRRC approved lists for easier control.
  • All member federations need to follow that status of the music which has been sent for approval and react quickly after a possible rejection. In order to avoid several approval cycles, it is recommended that everyone checks the music in advance following the valid WRRC rules!

(165) The Presidium invites all member federations to send proposals for additional members of the music commission. From the proposed candidates the presidium will select 3 with the best skills and adequate availability. All nominations should be sent to WRRC Office – info@wrrc.dance not later than 01.06.2024.

The Sport commission:

  • A general revision of the rules is planned during the summer 2024.
  • DL informed the Presidium that a live meeting seems the best option.
  • The idea is to consolidate all proposals, to prepare the rules in a way that are easier to understand and easier to follow.

(166) The Presidium appointed DL to organize the Sport commission meeting and inform the member federations to send their proposals in time.

The athletes commission:

  • In the past we have already started with the activities to implement the AC
  • We should review the existing documentation and start the process of the elections ASAP
  •  After we establish the commission, we have to appoint the chair to the WDSF AC

(167) The Presidium appointed MKI and PdT to prepare the documents and procedures for election of the WRRC athletes commission.

(168) The Presidium appointed Rasto Banas (SVK) to WDSF communication commission.

5. Expansion

For the development of the WRRC our expansion activities are important. We have to address the project in coordinated way, with a chairperson who will oversee the activities and make sure that we follow the same process for approaching new countries.

BK exposed the importance of marketing activities and extra money for the WRRC because we can not finance ourselves sustainably only by our members (federations and dancers)

(169) The Presidium appointed MKI to investigate if changes are possible in the leadership of expansion and marketing.

6. Miscellaneous

Celebration – second part dancers:

The activities are in process they will be finalised by the end of August.

The President thanked all Presidium members and closed the meeting at 11:10.

Minutes: Approved by WRRC Presidium

WRRC President Miriam Kerpan Izak