Acrobatic rock'n'roll


Swinging past and Olympic future

Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll is a mix of fast-moving and dynamic

dance and acrobatic elements performed to

Rock’n’Roll music

It all started in the 50-s when the whole world got into Rock’n’Roll as a massive cultural movement. Rock’n’Roll was an everywhere dance which was so attractive due to no limitations and no barriers, so anyone could try it.

France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland organised first Rock’n’Roll competitions in 1974.

Since then Rock’n’Roll has evolved into a modern sport where high-precision movements are carried out at a great speed. The sport which bids for the inclusion to the Olympic Games in the near future.

> 40 years

World Rock and Roll Confederation governs the sport of Rock’n’Roll Acrobatic

5 continents

take part in competitions

33 countries

members of World Rock and Roll Confederation

~6 months

Before you can try to compete internationally

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