Due to changes in WADA anti-doping rules, it was necessary to make changes also in the WRRC anti-doping procedures and rules. The status of International athlete has to be established, a professional statement regarding the usability of doping in our sport and in consequence the need of OCT has to be prepared and each dancer has to sign the  Consent in person (for minor the parents need to sign).

Here you can download the WRRC FORM OF CONSENT FOR ATHLETS 2020 (PDF)

Please print the form out, and fill in all the required data. After you have signed it, the national federation has to send the scanned the document in the PDF format, over the registration software, along with the scan of the Passport or other ID document with the picture of the athlete. Detailed instructions will be sent by e-mail to all national federations.

Access to the registrations:

Registration of Dancers

Every dancer who would like to take part in international competitions, must first be registered. The annual registration fee is Euro 25.- per person. The registration fee covers all options for the dancer: dancing in couple/formation and in different disciplines (ex. Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie). The fee covers also the cases when a dancer is member of  more than one formation (for example: RR Main Class Formation and RR Formation Ladies)

All Rock’n’Roll Main Class Free Style and Main Class Contact Style must register and announce their acrobatic programs (at least one for the preliminary rounds, and one for the semifinal or final rounds). Same applies also to the Rock’n’Roll Main Class Formations.

Registration of Formation teams

Since 01.01.2020 there is no special registration fee for the formation dancers. All members of the formation must be registered individually.