1. The WRRC Statement

Following the decision (169) the WRRC Presidium agreed upon a statement to be published which also corresponds with a letter from WDSF.

(178) The WRCC Presidium decided upon the text to be published regarding the sanctions and WRRC Presidium position towards WFASD and Friendship games. The WDSF statement will be distributed as well.

2. The WRRC Presidium

Katalin Kis has resigned from all functions in the WRRC following the Presidium decision request from May 26, 2024. (170)

(179) The WRRC Presidium accepted the resignation of Katalin Kis. Her contacts have already been removed from all official WRRC sites. The WRRC Presidium will look for a substitute Presidium member, in the meantime other Presidium members will share her obligations.

Furthermore, Edilio Pagano has resigned from his function as VP for marketing and expansion because of lack of time to fulfill his tasks as needed. He expressed the will to remain connected with the WRRC and help where it is possible.

Since the area of marketing and Expansion is the top priority, the WRRC Presidium started to look for a substitute at once. We have contacted Lena Arvidsson (SWE) based on her previous involvement with the WRRC. We also informed the Swedish DanceSport federation.

(180) The WRRC Presidium accepted the resignation of Edilio Pagano. We hope he will remain connected with the Presidium and the Commission.

(181) The WRRC Presidium appointed Lena Arvidsson from Sweden as a Vice president for marketing and Expansion. The appointment was approved also by Swedish DanceSport federation. Following the WRRC Statutes she must re-confirmed on the next GM.

Minutes: Approved by WRRC Presidium

WRRC President Miriam Kerpan Izak