Dear Dancers and Coaches,

 On behalf of the WRRC Sports Commission and the WRRC Rock’n’Roll Observers Group, we would like to draw your attention to the current rules, particularly those concerning safety levels. It is imperative that all acrobatic elements are performed in accordance with these established rules.

We have observed that we have the most challenges in Small Girls Formations and Small Ladies Formations, along with some issues in Juniors and Main Class Free Style categories.

Small Girls formations and Small Ladies formations have been a tremendous success in terms of participation and the creativity displayed by dancers and coaches in showing new and innovative acrobatics, entries and performances but it also brings a lot of doubts which we want to clear out to everyone.

For the Small Ladies Formations category, it is crucial to be mindful of when and where an acrobatic element begins. The acrobatic element begins once the entry to acrobatic element is complete, if applicable to the given acrobatic element. Staff, Bettarini or any other vertical thrust/throw with flying phase, are strictly prohibited in this category. As stated in the rules, it is essential that four hands grip is present on the dancer during performance of the acrobatic elements with 360 degrees rotation.

Furthermore, acrobatics classified under Safety Level 1 and their variations are not permitted in lower safety levels. The same analogy is applicable to lower-level elements in MCFS category combinations.

Throughout this year, observers at all competitions have consistently advised coaches and dancers about acrobatic elements that were not performed in accordance with the current rules, providing explanations as to why certain moves were not compliant.

Our observers will continue to monitor and verify the acrobatic elements, like always, and will appropriately sanction any couples and formations that do not comply with our actual rules.

Here you have a link to a video containing several examples of acrobatics, along with the pdf sheet with explanations as to why they are either allowed or not allowed –!Amyr1aB_BoWHhO83lCSOJ3TB5udF9Q?e=1qe2Jt. Please review this material carefully.

We plan to continue this method of communication regarding all unclear situations we encounter, ensuring that all competitors have the same opportunity to present their best performances under fair and equal conditions.

We look forward to the last competition of this part of the season in Zielona Góra and hope to see you there!

With sporting regards,

On behalf of WRRC Sports Commission and WRRC RR Observers Group

Denis Lilih

WRRC Vice President for Sport

Contact: +385 916 530 338