1. WRRC members present at the WFASD World Cup in St. Petersburg Russia

The WRRC Presidium has received information that some active WRRC officials and dancers were present at the WFASD World Cup in St. Petersburg Russia and acted there as officials or competitors.

We have a video proof of the following persons:

  • Katalin Kis WRRC VP for education and WRRC Observer – who acted as Observer on the competition,
  • Bence Toth – international judge from Hungary – who acted as a judge on the competition,
  • RR Main Class Free style couple – Alex Deli Luca Bihari (HUN)
    • Competitors on the event
    • Moreover, Alex Deli wore a T-shirt with Russian flag and Russian quotes on it
  • RR Main Class Free style couple – Adam Kiraly Greta Mercs (HUN)
    • Competitors on the event

There were some other countries which are WRRC Members present as well but we can not specify if the couples there were really from WRRC Members.

The WRRC has followed IOC provisions from February 25, 2022, and February 28, 2022 regarding the ban for Russia. Furthermore, the GM 2023 and 2024 has voted on ban of participation of athletes connected with FDSARR o WRRC events.

On the competition video the FDSARR logo and logo of Russian Ministry of Sport were clearly visible.

Participation of the couples and officials on the Russian territory, competing together with Russian competitors and with many Russian officials supported by FDSARR and Russian Ministry of Sport means breach of WRRC rules for which sanctions are applicable:

WRRC Statutes §18 – point 1

“1) Penalties may be imposed by the Presidium or the General Meeting on members of the Confederation (national federations), organizers and organizations, active dancers, officials, collaborators and club auxiliaries and groups registered in the national federations who breach, either intentionally or by neglect, these Statutes and all rules and published decisions decided by the WRRC Presidium or General Meeting, furthermore the relevant version of the AntiDoping Code and the Code of the Disciplinary Council of the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF), or who damage the reputation of Rock ’n’ Roll sporting dance.”

The Presidium discussed several aspects and potential reasons for the above-mentioned persons to travel to Russia but didn’t find any legal base that this could be allowed.

All WRRC Presidium members shall act in the best interest of the WRRC and with the official approval of the WRRC Presidium which was not the case for Katalin Kis and she went to Russia and acted there as an official solely based on her personal decision and against the advice of the President and other Presidium members.

The Presidium will also seek advice from WDSF legal commission.

(169) The Presidium decided to apply sanctions following the WRRC Statutes for the above-mentioned individuals. The exact provisions of the sanctions will be sent to the individuals in question, and later shared with WRRC Members.

(170) The Presidium officially calls Katalin Kis to resign as a Vice President for Education, as a member of WRRC Sport Commission, and as a member of WRRC Judging Commission with immediate effect.

(171) The Presidium will send the official letter to the countries present at the event to explain themselves if the participating couples belong to their federation and are registered in WRRC.

(172) The Presidium will send a special letter to Hungary and Croatia to explain the participation of their dancers and officials at the event 

The Presidium discussed further possible actions following this challenge. Several ideas were presented including the idea of a wide-open forum for all Members to discuss the future of the Confederation.

(173) The Presidium will organize an online Open forum for all WRRC members latest by the end of September. The exact format will be decided on the next PM.

(174) BK will contact our expansion countries and inform them about competitions, possible compensation, further cooperation and new contact person.

2. Sport commission – rules

As already discussed, the revision of the rules is needed. They must be simple, transparent and easy to follow and interpret. On the last competitions there were several questionable decisions from Observers and judges, and we need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

All the new ideas are interlaced with new ideas from the Presidium, so we decided on a joint live meeting.

(175) The next Presidium meeting will take place in Zagreb (CRO) from August 5 to August 7, preceded by Sport commission meeting during the weekend.

3. Competitions

There will be a Junior RR couple representing Canada in Zielona Gora – the boy has Canadian passport, but they live and train in France. FFD has agreed with such solution.

MKI will act as a Supervisor in Zielona Gora instead of Katalin Kis.

The presentation of the final results is being rechecked to avoid any further possible calculation mistake.

BK explained the idea to make it possible to conduct the winner ceremony in packages for two categories together, otherwise there is always a waiting time between the end of the final and the winner ceremony.

(176) PdT, BK and ME will prepare a proposal for distribution of the support money for RR Main Class FS and Boogie Main Class from the WRRC Starting Fee collected in spring season.

(177) The Presidium decided to change the Winner ceremony operating Policy to enable a package of two or maximum three disciplines at the same time.

4. Miscellaneous

All other points were postponed until the next meeting.

The President thanked all Presidium members and closed the meeting at 11:10.

Minutes: Approved by WRRC Presidium

WRRC President Miriam Kerpan Izak