WRRC Info January 2022

Dear Members, Dancers, Officials, Trainers!

Bellow, you can find some important information for the WRRC competition year 2022!


1.    Registration of dancers, couples and formations

As was announced and presented at the General Meeting 2022 in Warsaw, we have prepared the new WRRC Registration System, which will allow a much faster activation and registration process. In general, we have abandoned the system of double-checking all your input, with only two exceptions: for new dancers, WRRC Office will have to check and verify the antidoping documentation, and for all registered dancers the payments of the registration fees. Everything else will be done by the national administrators: activation of dancers, correcting of eventual changes or typing mistakes in names of dancers, composing the couples and formations. The new system will be activated on February 01, .2022, after we transfer all data from the old to the new system.

The Registration process will start with the Fast Registration Protocol (FRP), where you will have the opportunity to activate your dancers, couples and formations in three simple steps (activation of existing couples, formations and dancers), and immediately conclude the registration process by creating the invoice for the registration fees. The Fast Registration Protocol will stay active during the whole year, again allowing faster and simpler activation and registration of existing non-active competitors.

We have noticed that some National Federations have a large number of inactive competitors (dancers, couples, formations) in the database. If they are not needed anymore, we recommend that you delete old competitors (especially old formations). This will not affect the existing and archived results – all results are stored in a separate database, and deletion of dancers, couples and formations will not affect the archive database.


2.    Valid age groups in 2022

Valid age groups for 2022 are listed below:

Category: Description:
RR Children (8-11): born between 2011 and 2014
RR Juveniles (10-14): born between 2008 and 2012
RR Juniors (12-17): born between 2005 and 2010
RR Main Class Contact Style (14+): born 2008 or older
RR Main class Free Style (15+): born 2007 or older
RR formations Juniors (11-17): born between 2005 and 2011. Exception: maximu two dancers can be born from 2003-2004
RR formations Main class: born 2007 or older
RR Couple Dance Show (14+): born 2008 or older
RR Girls Formations  (8-15): born between 2007 and 2014
RR Ladies Formations (14+):: born 2008 or older
BW Juniors (13-17): born between 2005 and 2009
BW Main class (16+): born 2006 or older
BW Formations (16+): born 2006 or older
BW Seniors (35+/40+): younger born 1987 or older, older born 1982 or older
BW Rising Stars (13-39) * see point 4! born between 1983 and 2009
LH Juniors (13-17): born between 2005 and 2009
LH Main class (16+): born 2006 or older
LH Seniors (35+/40+): younger born 1987 or older, older born 1982 or older
Bugg/Trio Show Juniors (08-17): born between 2005 and 2014
Bugg/Trio show Main class (14+): born 2008 or older
Bugg Seniors (35+/40+): younger born 1987 or older, older born 1982 or older


Prices for registration fee and starting fee in 2022, according to the Fee Scale 2022:

  • The registration fee for participants (couple and/or formation), per person and year: 25 €
  • The starting fee for participants in the competition, per person and per competition day:15 €

Clarification: If one person is dancing in a couple and formation(s), only one fee must be paid.


3.    The World Games 2022 – Qualified couples (RR MCFS)

The World Games 2022 ranking list was published after the World Championship 2021 in Prague. According to the Qualification Rules for The World Games, WRRC has a quota of fourteen (14) couples.

We would kindly ask all National Federations to confirm and register the qualified RR MCFS couples as soon as possible, and also to notify the WRRC Office in time, if some of the qualified couples will not be able to participate at the World Games 2022.

List of qualified couples:

Pos. ID Couple name Country Points Qual.
1 70698 Konstantin SAMOYLOV – Anastasia GUSAROVA FDS 500 Y
6 69943 Tobias BLUDAU – Michelle UHL GER 311,5 Y
8 70728 Jiří JAKUBEC – Marie DVORAKOVA CZE 237 Y
9 72022 Jaka JUŽNIČ – Gaja MALOVRH SLO 222 Y
12 71717 Dániel BÁNHIDI – Fanni CZETL HUN 192 Y
15 70696 Matthias FEICHTINGER – Anna STURM AUT 183 Y
17 70796 Simone CAVALERA – Francesca MARLETTA ITA 165 Y
21 72187 Guillaume CABIROL – Emmie DELATORRE FRA 120 Y
25 71921 Bartosz SZPULECKI – Natalia KRĘGIEL POL 81,5 Y
32 71697 Leonardo KOLENC – Iva JUREC CRO 28 standby
34 71434 Benedikt ANDRES – Marie PETERS BEL 20 standby
36 72037 Finian Patrick CASEY – Maddison Kim Stanford COSTELLO AUS 15,5 Y
39 72144 Swapnil LONDHE – Saniksha BHOSALE IND 14 Y
39 72068 Adan David VERGARA RAMOS – Monserrat RAMIREZ-MARTINEZ MEX 14 Y



4.    Valid and updated (clarified) rules for 2022

During the last Presidium meeting in Zagreb  (January 14-15, 2022), WRRC Presidium checked all online published documents, and updated some of them, on one side following the decisions of the General Meeting 2021, and on the other side based on the feedback from our members, requesting the clarification of some of the existing rules.

The following documents were updated:


5.    Introduction of the new Boogie Woogie category: Rising Stars

The following document was uploaded to the Boogie Woogie Rules, based on the discussions and decisions of the General Meeting 2021:

The Rising Star Project is a part of the Expansion Project of the WRRC. To be successful in expanding Boogie Woogie a new category “Rising Stars” will be initiated.

The “Rising Stars” category is a competition for the beginners’ level and should encourage new countries to attend with one or several couples the competition form.

A dancer can only participate one year (calendar year) in “Rising Stars” before they need to follow WRRC BW Rules (junior, main, senior). A dancer that changes partner during the year, will still only be able to participate in this class inside the same year.

These Regulations are showing in general the important topics of dancing Boogie Woogie.

Some rules are identically equal to the Boogie Woogie Regulations V 2.7.

The aim to have one paper for “Rising Stars” was in the foreground.

The Guidelines for judges can be used for deeper information.

The BW Rising Stars regulations are valid immediately since they do not present any significant changes in the existing Boogie Woogie regulations. They are a clarification of the new category in the Boogie Woogie discipline. All organizers of the Boogie Woogie competitions this year can apply for this as an additional category. During the year 2022, there will be no special Tournament fee for this category!


6.    Boogie Woogie Dancers’ seminar – 06.02.2022

The WRRC Boogie Woogie Commission plans to organize a special online seminar for all dancers, on February 06, 2022, starting at 13:00 CET. The seminar will take about 3 hours, and it will be organized on the Zoom platform. Detailed information about the registration of dancers for the seminar will be sent to all our members in the following days, and also published on WRRC social media.


7.    Boogie Woogie Judging seminar – 19-20.03.2022

The Boogie Woogie Judging seminar will be organized online, on March 19-20, 2022. The detailed invitation will be sent to all our members in the following days.


8.    Rock’n’Roll Judging seminar – 26-27.03.2022

The Rock’n’Roll Judging seminar will be organized online, on March 26-27. The detailed invitation will be sent to all our members in the following days.


9.    Important information for organizers of the competitions in 2022

From January 01, 2022, the new Fee Scale 2022 came into force. There are some changes in the obligations of the organizers, regarding the daily fees for the Supervisor and Scrutineers of the competition (point 13.2). Please, make sure you are informed about the new rules.


With sporting regards,
WRRC Office
Kresimir Bosnar