1. Minutes from the last Presidium Meeting

All decisions have been implemented or are in the process of implementation. The topics which have not been finished yet, will be discussed on the next meeting.

2. General meeting 2024 & celebration

The presidium discussed the final details of the GM weekend, the flow of all events and administrative tasks. Some of the topics were discussed online on Monday March 5, 2024. The Mentimeter tool was tested, and the video material was reviewed.

The president thanked all Presidium members for their time and dedication for the preparation of the GM and celebration event.

3. Finance

DL and MKI commented that a lot of registration fees are still open, it is important to pay the fees on time otherwise it is not possible to verify the dancers/couples/formations and announce them on competitions.

ME inform the Presidium about the activities connected to the bank.

4. Competitions

(147) World Cup Girl formations in Prague 2024 is changed to World Championship Girl formations

(148) The contracts for the events in 2024 will be prepared after GM2024 based on the decided Fee Scale

(149) The Presidium acknowledges the problems with high expenses for WRRC judges and again reminds all judges to look for travel options on time, with optimal prices.

Additional days or individual arrangements cannot affect the costs for the organizer!

(150) We keep the WRRC medals for top 3 couples/formations on the World/Continental championship. The medals for formations will be smaller, they should be handed out in a box and not individually.

MKI pointed out that every Supervisor must check if the organizer has a proper check-in process in order to avoid the mix up from the WC final regarding the present couples and formations. The Supervisors must interact with the organizer even before the event

5. Rules & regulations

(151) The Presidium confirmed the Operating Policy for Winner ceremony which shall be tested during the spring competitions and if needed final changes will be added.

(152) The presidium approved the amended Honoration rules. Another version will be prepared before the celebration for the dancers to have a clear definition of.

6. Boogie Woogie

Aina Nygaard – BW commissioner joined the meeting for this point.

She reported about the work of the commission and pointed out that all members were quite active.

There are some new couples from new countries preparing for WRRC events.

MKI explained that for the first events also individuals can take part if there is no federation in the country.

An option to divide the senior category into two age groups was discussed, but only applicable for World Cups.

Possible changes of WC final were addressed as well.

(153) The BW commission will address all discussed points and forward their proposals to presidium for discussion and approval.

The President thanked all Presidium members and closed the meeting at 18:30. The date for the next meeting is still open.


WRRC President

Miriam Kerpan Izak