​Urgent: Action Required for Appointment of Judges in WRRC Competitions

Dear Members,

We must once again emphasize the importance of timely action as we draw closer to our first two competitions of the year, Kumla and Budapest!

It is imperative that all federations promptly generate invoices for BW and RR judges and settle the license fees.

Without this crucial step, we are unable to proceed with the appointment of judges for the competitions.

In the WRRC Registration system, all positions where national federations appoint judges have been created and are ready for completion.

It’s essential to note that judges must have paid licenses to be appointed to specific judging positions.

We urge you to consider the efforts invested in preparing the necessary steps within our Registration system, as well as the considerable efforts, time, and resources invested by our organizers in hosting these competitions. We owe it to them to uphold our responsibilities. Time is of the essence, and as the days pass, travel costs for airplane tickets increase. Our organizers require clarity on the judging panel for their events!

As of tomorrow, March 1st, 2024, more than a month passed since our initial reminders.

This timeframe should have allowed more than sufficient time for completion of the required tasks.

Please acknowledge this message and proceed with the steps outlined in our previous communications to facilitate the distribution of judges for our events.

As previously announced, we are planning a seminar for national federation administrators to ensure clarity and minimize any misunderstandings regarding our registration system.

If you require any assistance with the tasks mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you to the best of our abilities.

We eagerly anticipate seeing you all at our upcoming competitions!


With best regards,

On behalf of WRRC Office

Denis Lilih

Sports director WRRC