Dear dancers, trainers and officials,

dear Rock’n’Roll and Boogie Woogie community


At the end of this special, unexpected year, I wish that we all look back to the bright moments, to remember that we had more time to spend with our family, that we could relax from the constant rush between different locations each weekend, and that, perhaps, we learned also something new about ourselves.

We dealt with the epidemic situation differently in different countries, We managed to organize WRRC Online series and I am proud of all dancers, judges, and my whole WRRC team who made them possible.

Let’s make new goals for next year, let’s try to beat the virus together respecting the rules, following the restrictions and avoiding risks, but at the same time taking up challenges for dancing, improving our skills, with a joint wish to meet us again soon live on WRRC international events. I hope the words like lockdown, restrictions, no training, locked competition halls.. will be just a bad memory next year.

Stay safe and spend a happy and peaceful Christmas with the ones closest to you and Happy New Year!

Till we meet again #KeepOnRocking

Miriam Kerpan Izak
WRRC President