RR Music submission guidelines for WRRC competitions

Dear all,

 In light of recent situations we had surrounding music submission and approval processes prior to competitions, we would like to remind you of the document outlining all aspects related to music on the WRRC website at the following link: https://wrrc.dance/competitions/music/rocknroll-music-overview/  

 We kindly request that you forward this document to your respective members and familiarize them with the deadlines for submitting and obtaining approval protocol for music, for upcoming competitions.

 Before submitting music for approval, please ensure that it is prepared in accordance with the current rules.

Additionally, here are the most common rejection reasons:

  • Incorrect tempo
  • To short RR music part
  • Incorrect total music length (the music must be cut within the valid time frame for the category)

 It is imperative to note that there are deadlines set by the WRRC that must be adhered to for competition preparation. Therefore, it is not feasible to add music to the lists just one or two days before the event and expect that it will be approved.

 We emphasize, once again, that it is not the responsibility of the Music Commission to review and approve music submissions in the final two days before the deadline or, even worse, immediately before the competition.

 Given that, music submissions may be rejected, we urge you to consider this possibility when submitting music. We trust that you do not create music for your competitors few days before the competition. Therefore, we kindly request that you adhere to the specified deadlines and submit and arrange music on the WRRC platform accordingly.

 We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming competitions.

 With best regards,

 On behalf of WRRC Office

Denis Lilih

WRRC Vice President for Sport

Contact: +385 916 530 338