Reminder: Deadline for announcement on upcoming Online WRRC RR judge’s seminar

Dear Rock’n’Roll Judges, 

This is a friendly reminder for all WRRC RR judges whose licenses have expired, either due to the expiration of the examination deadline or attendance at seminars.  

The deadline for registration for the upcoming online seminar on March 2nd, 2024, is in two days. 

Additionally, I kindly urge all WRRC RR judges to once again check the WRRC system to ascertain if license renewal is necessary to enable participation in competitions throughout the year 2024. 

Invitation with all the details is on WRRC calendar RR seminar page. 

Your active participation and commitment are deeply appreciated. 

With best regards, 

Denis Lilih 

Sports Director, WRRC 

Contact: +385 916 530 338