Dear Dancers, dear Coaches!

After we have all gone through the first “batch” of the announcements for the Online World Cup, and experiences with technical challenges of recording the performances of our couples (congratulations to all of them!), we had slightly revised the technical proposition for the video files:

The video file should be only in mp4 format :

  • Resolution of the video: HD 1080P, or HD 720P
  • Maximum file size for single video upload: 150 MB
    Rock’n’Roll Children, Juveniles, Juniors and Couple Dance show, Boogie Woogie all classes present only one video file.
  • Maximum file size for double video upload: 100 MB per file, 200 MB total (file 1 + file 2)
    Rock’n’Roll Main Class Contact Style, Main Class Free Style, Girls Formations, Ladies Formations present two video files:


    • MCCS & MCFS: Program with 5 acrobatic elements (first round), and Program with 6 acrobatic elements (final round)
    • Ladies & Girls Formations: Short program (first round) and Long program( final round)
  • No additional editing of the video is allowed, except converting to the appropriate resolution and file size.

The alternative way for Girls and Ladies formations (if the file size limits could not be achieved), is sending it via WeTransfer to the WRRC Office ( Also in this case, we will accept only files for the formations already announced through the WRRC Registration System.

All other technical requirements are the same as previously announced:

  • Videos should be recorded from a solid position (tripod or similar). Handheld videos will not be accepted.
  • No light effects can be used – Just natural light and standard hall light. No background noises and no cheering are allowed.
  • Dancing direction should be towards the camera (facing).
  • All moves (hands, legs, jumps, acrobatics) should be fully visible – Choose an appropriate distance from performers having in mind not to be too far away.
  • In the background, no banners from a national association or club are allowed, no mirrors are allowed, just plain sports hall background – Preferably with a few colors as possible. Also, no other people than the performers are allowed to enter the recording area.
  • Applying of any video and audio filters is also not allowed. Any video with such editing will not be accepted and the participants will be banned from the next competition.