Dear dancers, dear coaches,

Given the latest deterioration of the sanitary situation in Europe, many European countries have already reinstated hard lockdowns. The appearance of the new strain of the virus and the end of the year holiday season should further degrade this already critical situation. The beginning of 2021 promises to be very complicated and many countries consider applying the new lockdown measures because the already announced third wave.

Therefore, the WRRC Presidium decided on 23.12.20202 to postpone the last Online World Cup competition (originally scheduled for 16.01.2021):

New date: 06.02.2021

Online World Cup RR JUN, RR MCCS, RR MCFS, RR CDS, RR FL – Code name CAIRO

In this way, we hope to help all those couples and formations who are already affected by the existing lockdowns, or might be affected by the new sanitary measures at the beginning of January, and give them time to record their videos. The wish of the Presidium is to give the same chance to participate to all couples and formations and to offer the whole WRRC community a better final competition of the Online World Cup 2020 series.