Dear Boogie Woogie Dancers, dear Coaches

Here is the official music list for the third WRRC Online World Cup in Boogie Woogie Showcase, which will take place on 20.12.2020 (CODE NAME: SIDNEY). This list is obligatory for all BW couples who would like to take part in the Online World Cup competitions, divided by categories.

Boogie Woogie Main Class tempo 52:

Song nr. Title Artist Album
35208 52 A Wonderful Time Up There  Alvin Stardust Swing Power
35209 52 Fly High Little Birdie  Osie Johnson Swing Power
35210 52 Forty Days  Rock Explosion & The Shaking Hearts Swing Power
35211 52 Let The Four Winds Blow  The Blues Band Swing Power
35212 52 Ooh Looka There  Col Joyce Swing Power
35213 52 Sweet Sue, Just You  Marty & His Rockers Swing Power
35214 52 Well Now Dig This  The Jodimars Swing Power


Boogie Woogie Juniors (tempo 50):

Song nr. Title Artist Album
35201 50 Blast Off The Tyrones Rock’n’Roll Power
35202 50 Can’t Stop Lillian Briggs Rock’n’Roll Power
35203 50 Choo Choo Ch’Boogie Rock Island Line Rock’n’Roll Power
35204 50 Don’t Knock Upon My Door Shakin’ Stevens Rock’n’Roll Power
35205 50 I Got It Mike Smith Rock’n’Roll Power
35206 50 Jim Dandy Inga Rumpf & Joja Wendt Rock’n’Roll Power
35207 50 Jumpin’ From Six To Six Colin James Rock’n’Roll Power


Boogie Woogie Seniors tempo 48:

Song nr. Title Artist Album
35215 48 A New Love Ruth Brown Swing Calm
35216 48 Ahua Ted Herold Swing Calm
35217 48 I Don’t Need You James “Sugar Boy” Crawford Swing Calm
35218 48 Let’s Talk About Us Grady Chapman & Jackie Walker Swing Calm
35219 48 The Big Bounce Shirley Caddell Swing Calm
35220 48 Where In The World Is Billy Eve Boswell Swing Calm
35221 48 William Janis Martin Swing Calm

Here is the link to download the music:  Online World Cup BW Music – 20.12.2020  – SIDNEY

 You should send your videos to your National federation’s Office, and they will upload it to the WRRC server, together with the announcement on the competition.


Here is  once more the excerpt from the WRRC Online Competitions Rules:

1.11  For each competition,  there will be a publication of code name on the WRRC competition web page – one person from couple/formation will have to show this code name (for all) and song number (for couples only), specific for each competition, on a white paper and clearly visible on the footage on the beginning of the video. After this, allow a minimum of five (5) seconds before the dance performance starts. This part is for verification only and it will not be shown in the airing of the competition:

1.12  Code name announcement (as described above and for each specific competition) is actually the opening of the announcement for all participants.


1.15  For couples only, at each competition, each participant will choose a song from the official fixed list which will be published on the WRRC website. The number of the chosen song has to be clearly shown on the white paper presented at the beginning of the video. The same participant cannot choose the same song (already used for one of his previous videos) for another Online competition.


Regarding the recorded video file, please follow these rules:

2.1    Videos should be recorded in a horizontal format (vertical videos will not be accepted).

2.2    The video file should be only in mp4 format :

  • Resolution of the video: HD 1080P, or HD 720P
  • Maximum file size for single video upload: 150 MB
    (all classes Boogie Woogie present only one video file)

2.3    Videos should be recorded from a solid position (tripod or similar). Handheld videos will not be accepted.

2.4    No light effects can be used – Just natural light and standard hall light. No background noises are allowed.

2.5    Dancing direction should be towards the camera (facing).

2.6    All moves (hands, legs, jumps, acrobatics) should be fully visible – Choose an appropriate distance from performers having in mind not to be too far away.

2.7    In the background, no banners from a national association or club are allowed, no mirrors are allowed, just plain sports hall background – Preferably with a few colors as possible. Also, no other people than the performers are allowed to enter the recording area.

2.8    No additional editing of the video is allowed, except converting to the appropriate resolution and file size. Applying any video and audio filters is also not allowed. Any video with such editing will not be accepted and the participants will be banned from the next competition.