Dear WRRC members, dancers and coaches!

With a big regret I want to inform you the Rock’n’Roll has been excluded as on official discipline on the next edition of the World Games in China in summer 2025. We have received the information from WDSF General Secretary on July 10, 2023. The news was a real shock for the whole Presidium, and we wanted to check and clarify the situation before officially informing our members.

Here are some facts we were able to collect in the meantime:

  1. We have asked the WDSF for further explanation, but we have not received any answer.
  2. The topic of possible exclusion of Rock’n’Roll as a discipline on the next edition of the World Games in China 2025, was never discussed on WDSF presidium, it wasn’t even included on the agenda of any of the meetings.
  3. Even other WDSF Presidium members were surprised about this decision, since they were not informed about it, only I (as WDSF presidium member) have received the letter with a copy to WDSF members of managing committee but not to Presidium.
  4. Nobody contacted us to discuss the challenges we have faced on the last edition of TWG and about the reservations/worries/challenges for the upcoming games – >and we have been actively involved in resolving the music rights – we had a meeting with a representative of Click & Clear (Denis, Kresimir, Miriam). It is an ongoing process because the rules are mostly set for sports where the competitors perform on their own music the whole event and the other challenge is that they do not have enough useful songs in their inventory for us to use on competitions.
  5. We have even contacted representatives of IWGA via different channels to get some explanation, but of course this could be done only unofficially since we are connected to the IWGA via WDSF which is the only official member of the IWGA.
  6. The WRRC Presidium had a special meeting after this decision, but we could not find substantial grounds to dispute the decision taken by the IWGA, especially because we don’t have any detailed information.

We strongly believe we can come back for the future editions of TWG, but we also need to evolve and expand to make sure we have good couples from all continents and more nations present on our top events, not only on TWG. The presidium’s recommendation is that we focus on achieving these goals and then come back to the World Games.

All these is also a major part of our associated membership contract with WDSF which will expire at the end of 2024.  During the next GM we can discuss about the new contract – what to propose to WDSF, who should do what, what do we expect from each other …

Kind regards,
In the name of WRRC Presidium

Miriam Kerpan Izak
WRRC President