The world has witnessed healthcare workers risk their own safety to protect others in the face of COVID -19. This fight against coronavirus continues and will not be possible without these modern heroes. 
Meet Oliver Cochereau, Swiss Rock’n’Roll dancer, WRRC International Judge Rock’n’Roll and director of the Care in a hospital in Switzerland.

  • How has COVID-19 affected you in your day to day work?

I’m in charge of hospital care. For this period I reorganized all services to separate the management of covid-19 patients from other patients.create intensive care units to accommodate more incubated patients. This required adequate and adequate materiel management, management of personnel in quantity (also achieved by covid), skills management to have qualified staff and leadership to motivate teams. The population of the region should therefore be accommodating in the best conditions.

  • What have you found the most difficult/challenging and most rewarding during the pandemic?

The most difficult thing is to stay motivated, manage fatigue, keep a combative mind and value and encourage teams. Teams that, in addition to their work, face death in their lives, the loss of their spouse’s work… schooling at home… what is most rewarding is the recognition of the world in the face of our bravery and courage, applause even if they have disappeared in recent months There is a very strong link between managing this pandemic in my work and going on stage, dancing or even judging (in my case ): that of being afraid but being excited, of doubting but persevering, of questioning but of believing in oneself and being combative.

  • When will things get back to normal? What do you think?

If we want things to return to normal, as many people as possible will have to be vaccinated. We all need social relations, need human contact and find ourselves, which is why our only hope is vaccination for all. I hope that this summer we will no longer talk about waves

  • What advice would you give to the people reading our interview? 

What I advise our rock friends is to remain united, combative, continue to believe in our sport and remain passionate. We must keep hope that in a short time we will get back on stage.