“If we are united, everything will be easier to manage” 

We continue to tell the stories about  the Emergency and Frontline real-life heroes keeping us and our families safe to encourage and say THANK YOU.

Meet Tania Vianello, WRRC Boogie Woogie Dancer from Italy and a nurse fighting against Covid-19

Tell us about your job and how has it changed?

During the first wave, I worked in the medical and rehabilitation department, in a private clinic; during this period I volunteered for support, for about a month, in a retirement home where staff and guests were also infected.

During the summer I changed jobs after winning a public job competition and now I’m in the emergency room of the Ospedale dell’Angelo, a hospital in Mestre, near Venice.

Covid-19 has led to me, and also to many colleagues, many changes in terms of personal growth but also at the working level, both in terms of management and for the type of patients, causing a lot of physical and, above all, mental fatigue.

How are you coping with the situation? It still seems quite stressful

The situation is still very serious and heavy and we are very tired and tried.

It’s very difficult to explain what it feels like. 

We are not heroes but people, who work even if no one has ever taught us managing all of this. 

We try to encourage, give hope and smiles in moments of despair, but nothing different from what we usually do.

Do you have enough equipment to stay safe?

In the early moments, materials and tools were in short supply, but now we have everything we need to protect ourselves and to protect others from this so contagious virus.

What is your biggest challenge?

Personally, it wasn’t a change that scared me because I am a person who is not afraid to get involved.

What advice would you give to the people reading our interview? 

My advice is to be altruistic and not think only about  yourself, because if we are united, everything will be easier
to manage and it will finish soon.

And another important thing is to never give up and never lose hope, because we, health workers, even in so much suffering, never lose it.