Young Italian national Boogie Woogie champions revealed why they chose Boogie and how they see Boogie in future.

Meet Fabio and Arianna!

Why did you start Boogie Woogie? It may not be a popular choice for your generation these times.

We started Boogie Woogie because the sister of Fabio was already dancing so he started dancing too and he asked Arianna to dance with him.

Do you practice other dance styles too?

No we don’t practice other dance styles, but we really like Lindy Hop.

What is Boogie Woogie for you?

For us Boogie Woogie is the way to get out of the routine. We really love it!

The previous year you became Absolute Italian National Champions and won many other competitions including the World Championsfhip. How did it affect your life?

Last year at the world championship in Moscow we reached the third place and it was unbelievable!  Also now we are so much happy for the great success
Of course after every competition that we won there was these emotions!

Who motivates and inspires you most of all?

The people who motivates and inspires us most of all are our teachers Marco & Sonia and our parents, who really deserve everything

As a young dancers, what are your goals and aspirations for the future?

Our goals are to make better ourselves and have fun at the future competitions!

What are your hopes for the dance industry and particulary Boogie Woogie as we move into the future?

Our hopes for Boogie Woogie industry is to make that Boogie Woogie will be watched from all over the world

What pieces of advice would you give to other young aspiring dancers?

For everyone who wants to start dancing Boogie Woogie: have fun and be yourself! This is what Boogie Woogie is!