The WRRC SAP World Cup Final is a special event for the top of the top. It is held at the weekend of the first fortnight of December every year.

The couples participating in the SAP World Cup Final will be selected through the World Cup ranking list of the year to each category.
Special World Cup ranking lists are established for each year.
This year 145 couples are announced to participate in the SAP World Cup Final in the categories:
• Rock’n’Roll Juveniles
• Boogie Woogie Juniors
• Rock’n’Roll Juniors
• Rock’n’Roll Main Class Contact Style
• Boogie Woogie Main Class
• Rock’n’Roll Main Class Free Style
• Boogie Woogie Seniors

In each category, top 20 couples on the World Cup Ranking List are qualified.

Each nation can announce 2 additional couples outside the quota of qualified couples. No other additional announcements will be possible.

How it is organized:

All categories (Rock’n’Roll and Boogie Woogie) will be carried out in Spider (battle) system after the first round. The first round is a ranking round. The top sixteen couples at the end of the first round will be selected to compete to the spider competition.

For each battle in which a couple is missing, the other one will automatically be declared the winner and will go to the next round.

Prize money is awarded only for Main Class categories. Prize Money is paid by WRRC for the final placement on SAP World Cup Final competition and on World Cup ranking.

Here you can download the official form for the claim of the prize money: Prize Money Claim