European Championship RR Ladies Formations, Kharkiv, 29.09.2019,
new time table for the Kharkiv events 28-29.09.2019

WRRC Presidium granted the European Champioship RR Ladies Formatos to Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Federation of Ukraine, together with the change of the time table for already granted competitions on 28-29.09.2019:

Kharkiv, 28.09.2019:

  • World Cup Rock ‘n’ Roll Children
  • World Cup Rock ‘n’ Roll Juveniles
  • World Cup Rock ‘n’ Roll Juniors
  • World Cup Rock ‘n’ Roll Main Class Contact Style

Kharkiv, 29.09.2019

  • European Championship Rock ‘n’ Roll Formation Juniors
  • European Championship Rock ‘n’ Roll Formations – Girls
  • European Championship Rock ‘n’ Roll Formations – Ladies