Much has already been written about the effect of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups, yet there is another vulnerable group whose lives have changed rapidly.
We prepared an interview with a nursing assistant Maxence N’Guyen from France to encourage everyone and thank all the Healthcare Workers for the heroic work they do. Maxence is an Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll athlete, this sport is his true passion.
Maxene had been dancing more than 16 years, due to the complicated schedule in the hospital and the pandemic situation, last year he had to quit Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll temporarily. 

Read the interview on our website about the life of a caregiver during the pandemic.

  1. How did your life change with the beginning of the pandemic? 

My life has changed since the start of the pandemic. France was confined in mid-March, I couldn’t see my friends or family anymore, I live alone so it was a complicated time for me. I had to stop dancing, everything was at a standstill. I did not see anyone except work colleagues in the hospital. I often see my family and friends usually but since the pandemic, it has become difficult to see each other. Afterwards, France was deconfined for the summer, but it’s not the same to live with a mask all the time. We were confined a second time at the end of October, it was like in March. My life before the pandemic and that of now is not the same, I no longer have the same joy of living, I am always afraid of infecting my loved ones.

  1. What’s it like to be a nursing assistant in the Coronavirus pandemic? 

During the pandemic, being a caregiver is complicated. During the first confinement, the hospital where I work was not too affected by COVID-19. We had almost no cases. The protocols have changed, we have to wear a mask all the time with protective glasses. We avoid holding their hands to reassure them, we clean the patient environment more. It takes us longer than before. During the second lockdown we were affected a lot, I caught COVID at work, like most of my colleagues. We still have other protocols. Families can no longer visit patients, it is complicated to accompany patients without their family seeing them, especially when they are at the end of their life.

  1. Has your acrobatic rock’n’roll life changed? Do you have enough time for training?

I quit acrobatic rock’n’roll before the pandemic, I could no longer go to training with my work schedule. I continued to dance, but I stopped as soon as the pandemic started. I did not resume in September because in France dance schools are closed. I would like to do acrobatic rock’n’roll again after this pandemic, because it is my passion and I miss not doing it anymore.

  1. Is there anything you would like to add?

I just wanted to add, protect yourself, and protect your families and friends. Wear a mask when necessary. Don’t take COVID-19 lightly. Thanks to the WRRC for continuing to keep acrobatic rock’n’roll going.

Maxence N’Guyen