Dear dancers, coaches, officials, dear WRRC friends

WRRC Presidium has been constantly monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic situation in recent months. We were hoping that after summer the situation would improve, but unfortunately, it does not seem so. In recent days countries are again getting more restrictive, people can’t travel freely from one country to another, and so all predictions about the development of the situation are quite risky.

Although we know that dancers are eager to compete and show what they have practiced during the summer their health is the most important objective for us.

WHO has published a document that provides advice for organizers of sports competitions and mass events:

Considerations for sports federations/sports event organizers when planning mass gatherings in the context of COVID-19“.

In our sport it is literally impossible to follow the recommendations:

  • We are a contact sport, there is no distance between partners
  • As far as we know now, infection is spread mostly by droplets and aerosol and by far unlikely by smear infection. So, every situation with much respiration/ventilation with many people in a closed room is super dangerous producing a hotspot
  • Even if we could ensure a limited number of athletes on the stage, we still have issues with warm-up areas and similar

On the other hand, it is hard to predict who will come to an international event, how many participants would take part, how to plan the time-table, what are the additional measures required in this situation, what will happen in case of last moment cancellation or inability to travel, etc.

We are aware that the planned dates of autumn events are getting closer, so we needed to make a decision.
WRRC official events must ensure equal opportunity for everyone to take part and not exclude some countries because of the pandemic restrictions.

However difficult, WRRC Presidium has decided, on the PM on August 17, 2020, to cancel/postpone all WRRC official events planned until the end of December 2020.

To keep the motivation for our dancers high, we will start with official WRRC On-line competitions at the beginning of October. All detailed information will be published in mid-September.

WRRC Presidium has no objection for its members to organize their own national competitions or international invitation events but for all these the organizer, national federation and participants take full responsibility for all aspects of such events.

WRRC Presidium will continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation and if the circumstances improve, all possible options will be considered.

WRRC President
Miriam Kerpan Izak