Due to the risk of spreading Coronavirus in the country, the Slovenian Ministry of Health has issued a declaration to ban all public events in closed areas where at least 500 persons are expected.
This is a temporary ban but we don’t know how long it will last.
The planed WRRC competition in Ljubljana – Slovenia is only six weeks away, so of course, this restriction can still apply by then or only be canceled on such short notice that the event could not take part.
After the consultation with several members, it is clear that even if the event would take part, many couples and formations would not attend.

There is no other option but to CANCEL the event in Ljubljana – Slovenia on April 18th and April 19th 2020 due to the force majeure.
WRRC and the organizer will look for a possible alternative date and will keep you posted.
We are really sorry about this decision, but in the current situation there was no other option.