Dear dancers, dear couples
For WRRC the number of Main class couple on WRRC events is very important and we are all aware of the high costs for every couple, so in order to motivate more couples to come to the events we will support the couples on some events by paying one overnight stay with breakfast for each couple but only in the official hotel and only if it is booked on time.
No cash refund is possible. Please follow the instructions bellow!

As a try out we selected two events:

  • 05.10.2019 – Prague – Czech Republic – Rock’n’Roll Main Class Free Style
    • Official hotel STEP hotel – booking obligatory by September 4, 2019
  • 26.10.2019 – Stjordal – Norway – Boogie Woogie Main ClassOfficial hotel Scandic hell hotel

You need to book your rooms in the above mentioned hotels and our finance director Marina Eskolin will check the bookings and then pay one night of the booked rooms on the name of Main Class couples directly from WRRC and other nights (if needed) you will pay by yourselves.
It is really important that the rooms are booked on the names of the couples – one room per couple will be paid!

Please also check out the invitation papers from the organizer of each event!